Yoga Life Style

Yoga lifestyle is a life of balance between “cleaning the mirror” and “spreading the Light.

The mirror reflects the mind and the body which needs to be cleaned in order to catch the light of prosperity. The art of consciousness- yoga lifestyle relates to cleaning and purifying the thoughts and keeping the body healthy.

 Yoga deals with the evolution of humanity; which includes various phases of life and thoughts- be it mentally or physically.

Yoga may be further defined as a unity of mind and body with the purity of soul.

Yoga is a spiritual ride of self invention. It makes us realize the value of the present moment and each moment.

The Yoga Lifestyle, “art of consciousness”; is to make one aware of the strength and the capabilities of the body in present and achieving a more comfortable progress in the same.

Yogic lifestyle fosters the capability to live to all the positive and pure experiences of day to day life; keeping aside the entire negative aspects of it. It gives us the motivation to tackle the negativity with peace and calmness.

It helps us understanding ourselves better where it motivates us to tackle all our negativities and limitations including physical, mental and emotional drawbacks aside.

 Yoga helps in the enlargement of the thoughts, aspirations, courage and patience.

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