From all the diverse traditions in our lives emerges the Contemporary Spirituality.  Contemporary Spirituality approaches spirituality with a multicultural and interfaith attitude, and helps people to recognize the difference between spirituality and religion.

It is deeply concerned with individual spiritual experience which is considered as the starting point for exploration and development. Its values and beliefs are holistic, recognizing the intimate interdependence of all life.

Contemporary spirituality says that there is a difference between religion and spirituality. Religion can be described as an organized set of beliefs and customs practiced by a group of people or an individual. On the other hand, spirituality   is an individual and personal experience.

One contemporary definition of spirituality states that:

“Spirituality is the natural human connection with the wonder and energy of nature, cosmos and all existence; and the instinct to explore and understand its meaning.”

It has been found almost all religions originate in a spiritual environment, and people of different communities and religions also have individual spiritual experiences.

Contemporary spirituality, in fact, aims to support and aid the development of individuals and be suspicious of any faith that claims a monopoly on truth.

Contemporary spirituality takes a holistic approach .It is open hearted and open minded which helps in understanding all the different aspects of human existence. It respects the essence of cultural and traditional faiths. It also simplifies and helps to understand and include the important relationships between spirituality and health, social justice, environmental factors and citizenship.

Drawing ones attention towards the traditional spiritual practices, Contemporary spirituality suggests that there are three major components towards spirituality, which individuals can choose to practice on a daily basis.

  • Connect:  Everyone benefits from regularly pausing to connect with and experience the spirit of life.
  • Reflect Through regular self-assessment we choose suitable next steps to develop our love and consciousness.
  • Serve There is a moral imperative to do no harm and be of service to the community of life.


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