We are good by nature, committed, wired in love and compassion. We are ready for the adventure in seeking wisdom for the way of life.

The words “Victus” and “Sophy” make up a joined importance as the lifestyle (victus in latin) and insight (sophy in greek), conceiving our center flourish.

We are here on this planet to learn and develop, and preeminent we have to comprehend love in its numerous ways and aspects. We have to work with it keeping in mind the end goal to give, offer and thereof get.

We accept that it is our solidarity reason as people to develop now to the following level, into a period we see as the survival of the fittest SPIRIT. We people know and say that adoration is the best power, however little we do to utilize it. Sympathy is the method for affection, in insight into the past we have to consider ourselves and discover the way that leads us into the best of us.

Mother Earth needs us like never before now. What’s more, we have to give back, by developing this affection from inside for everything, everybody and each kind.

Love on the off chance that you comprehend it plainly brings you adore back, as well as success, quality, care, inventiveness, regard, inspiration, reason just to name the principle awesome blessings of an individual.


Victus empowers people to carry on with an existence brimming with profound intelligence.

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