Our community is created by free choice of individuals and constructive people.

Victusians are aware of the contemporary and enlist themselves to be an active part of the change. A Victusian actively and constructively works towards positive changes within and without.

You are unique, special, inspirational and on the path of light.

They are the individuals who have joined to socially arrange inside of the group, support us by voting in favor of better values, gathering at the occasions and spreading the affection in their lives.Victus empowers gaining from others likewise and gaining from self experience too. Victus is loaded with interesting and noteworthy data that is valuable to you at this time.

We are each of us born into this life with a particular purpose, or mission, a gift to give the world. We will find that whatever is our passion is generally that which is related to our purpose and for which we have a particular gift to develop and share.

We all have dreams and wishes. Unless we do something about them, that is exactly what they remain. It is action that brings our dreams and wishes to life. We can do this by setting goals and taking it step by step until our goals are realized. Never be daunted by those who would discourage you. Listen to and act on your inner voice, let your life be an adventure! After all, it is your life!

Simply stated, we create the world we live in by our thoughts and beliefs. Our experience of life is created directly by the way we think. Thoughts and words are powerful living entities. Creation is made first by a thought.

Divine Love is not human ‘romantic’ love. It is of a spiritual nature, it is all-encompassing and unconditional. Yet as we are all sparks of the Creator (the Divine), and as the Creator IS LOVE, we are therefore also Love – Divine Love is who we really are, yet in our human state and using mostly only our five senses, we have forgotten this and we perceive other people and animals and nature as ‘separate’ from ourselves. But we are all made of the same ‘stuff’ and are all therefore “ONE and all connected. This is confirmed on a scientific level with Quantum Physics.


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