The pursuit of Happiness

The “pursuit of happiness” is a fundamental right which is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. It enables a person to freely pursue joy. It further motivates an individual to  live their life in such a way that makes you happy, without violating the rights and comfort of other individuals.

This Declaration often considers a right to all material things, but the concept goes far beyond individual moral, humanity and spiritual progression on another individual.

There is no such thing as the pursuit of happiness, but there is the discovery of joy

Pursuit of happiness is a human right; which the Government has to protect and which cannot be taken away from any individual. It has been phrased in such a way that it outlines a bounding factor between the superiority and humanity. It portrays an objective moral order through which a person is free to enjoy his humanity in terms of happiness and from which he cannot estrange himself. Thus to describe in brief it may be concluded that an individual is free to pursue happiness as long as his does justice to others in terms of law and peace.

Two common aspects underlined in humanity are the pursuit of self and pursuit of happiness. When an individual tries to satisfy his pursuit of happiness in the pursuit of self, they somewhere neglect the ever-lasting stages of happiness and memories. Thus, we must not only satisfy our own needs but also others needs in terms of humanity. Moreover, we must also consider others interests and should not affect them in order to satisfy our own personal needs and satisfaction.

 Our life possesses a greater value when we think and consider others happiness equally as our own. In such a situation we start living a life not only for the benefit of one, but more than one.  Our life becomes more meaningful in such case. We start realizing inner peace and start experiencing the beauty of selfless love, adding more value to our existence, when we start concerning for others equally.

Pursuit of Happiness is like a chased rainbow, which is colorful and beautiful. It can be attained at any point of time with the thought process of humanity and well being.

Several studies have been conducted to know the real cause of happiness. Major aspect of the same is wealth. Rich people are happiest, middle class are happier and poor are happy. Such discrimination have been created by society itself. Wealth in actualize is not the major aspect but individuals and society plays a crucial role in defining the Pursuit of Happiness. Happiness id defined as a good life and a positive thought process.

Fame and wealth has a fleeting effect on happiness, society, relationships and family are much more important to pursue happiness. All individuals combine together to form a society and their thought process outlines the process of Pursuit of Happiness.


There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

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