The Purpose of Ego

Welcome to my life. It is a story like no other. A thought which goes through everyone’s mind and ponders on every heart. Maybe if there were some sort of special contact lenses that had a recording device, then anyone could see the world through my eyes. We all have fears to some extent that we will be misunderstood, judged, ridiculed and not be appreciated for who we are deep down.
We are all inherently good beings and that is evident as soon as we enter this world. Children are beautiful beings, because this is who we are on a soul level. The Ego starts to learn and build also as soon as we start to manifest into our environment.
We were also lead to believe that the ego is bad and serves only a dark purpose. This however is not true. It takes a lot of time and observation to understand the ego and many times it happens by the way of mirroring yourself in others.
There is no absolute good, nor absolute bad in this world. Everything serves a purpose and every bad must have had some good connection to it. For example, if someone becomes a killer than we are ought to look back to this persons life and understand why he or she turned out to be a villain.

Almost always you will get facts on the table that show through how much mistreatment and pain the same person had gone through to be nurtured into a cold blooded misantrophe. Sometimes those stories are obviously connected with the victims themselves.
An enlightened person will see right through how the karmic universe had acted out a plan. In terms of man made law and order we can only judge so far and bring about only humanly possible justice. In the aftermath however, it will not help anyone by judging and condemning the criminal. We only fuel more hatred, negativity and unrest by doing so.
The criminals ego was fueled and nurtured with a lot of mischievious beliefs, which had the same reactions before others would later react to his or her wrongdoings. So what does that mean? We are by nurture ego reactive.
However, the ego needs understanding and self-nurturing as well. It serves a purpose, which is to define our role in this world and act on it. It gets nurtured by our set of beliefs and sometimes these would go into very extremes. Like the ones you would see in a fundamentalist, a violent criminal or even in less extreme cases in each and everyone of us in moments of opposition of our very core beliefs.
The ego’s blueprint starts to get spoiled by a different view or rather an obstacle to your personal script and role. This triggers a reactive survival instinct, which may or may not be right. Any kind of reaction that comes in defense of a belief is usually immature and wrong. But everyone does that and this is what makes us human. If we had this under total control than we would have little purpose here on earth. That purpose is to learn, evolve and grow as a mind and spirit.
Life is an experience and in order to comprehend our own experiences and life as a human being, we sometimes subconsciously put our selves through bad situations or weak behavior. Good natured people may also go into the other extreme and try to cut out their ego completely. This happens as well as a reactive trigger, because we have seen our own mirror of the reactive ego in others and concluded this as bad.
Such people try to become a mirror of total good and do not understand why they are viewed than as weak, wash-overs or simply naive childlike beings. However, no extreme is final nor eternal. It is not a blueprint of your character but just a mere set of beliefs that evolve through recognition and change.
When understanding the ego, one realizes that it is part of the mind which needs to be set free from emotional reactions and nurtured into self-compassion first. Then one can look at things from a compassionate view, which grows your self belief and confidence.
More than reactions, which are nothing more than an enforcement of a perfect outcome for an isolated set of beliefs, the response to everything around us is what builds true character and helps your personal evolution to the next level.
People are forgetful and generally forgiving, especially of those who take responsibility for their own short comings and keep changing towards the better. We also tend to cling to our old set of beliefs of the ego which sometimes manifests in the form of revenge disguised as selfish and wishful play of karma.
Ulitmately it is nothing more than a desire to be understood and a human beings way of saying, I was always good at heart and my intentions were always good, only you did not let me act on it or made me do something bad. When we mature above this hurting, we let go of the past and the fulfillment comes by the way of responses from those we intended good for.
This is the way of love. It may never work out perfectly and we may never master it on this terrain, however practicing it each day will work wonders for us and our lives.The ego teaches us lessons of life and about ourselves. It protects us as much as it punishes us.
The choice is always ours, as it is our own will whether we want to go by the way of compassion or by the way of self-righteousness. Always remember that nobody is perfect and only those who are humble enough to realize that all bad that occurs is a karmic lesson will be exhalted by the universe eventually at the right time.

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