Spirituality in the digital age

In the story I am about to tell no sudden ray of light will spark it’s glow right through your body or mind and neither will you have changed much at the end of it, not  just  yet.  Change is the play button on reality. It’s well known that one thought can change the world, one! But what is that one thought for you, what is it for me, that could change the entire world? Probably the ripple effect of that one thought, if really  powerful, will take repentance and time to evolve and really only triggered by action.

The root of most thoughts is the challenge or pursuit of happiness. But  is this pursuit  just really a perspective? When people don’t see the forest any more because of all the trees, they should start thinking forest not trees. The Big picture! An avalanche of thoughts rampading through then euro web in our inner perception. It is infusive to find the answers for the day within them or the memory drive per se. In combination these memory usb docks are clustered behind the inner fire walls labeled as belief system in humanese, so well  secured sometimes that first time email that came through and landed in the spam folder was actually a message that could change your happiness level to escastic for a moment at least. On the other hand also ignorance is bliss.

Being secure is important  but  being avoidant  of chances of pain or disappointment is far bigger  on the losing side than even learning to grow because of pain. Growth is so very important and essential in order to unlock the feeling, which gives you the answers you look from within. With growth you build  a better fire wall with better filters. Your entire system reboots to your better drive, better capacity, resilience, longevity in energy, you see better colors and get highly defined resolution. Even if right now your imagination has lured you into a cyborg fantasy, it shall be spelled out for the mechanical ones among us, you cannot feel the human experience on the higher  end of the happiness meter by pushing  a button.

What we can learn from computers is that they simplify every problem and identify it’s rootcause.

The words ‚ what if‘ have changed the world in both miraclous accomplishments and hollowed flesh and bones, secretly mushed up  in misery  from the previous self-inflicted knock-out.

Imagining  is a divine power humans can tap into and create all sorts of emotional experiences. Imagine you are in a bliss of love, not just in love but absolute ecstatic moment of happiness. If you already are then your imagination and little spark of madness is working wonderfully. Dreams and imaginations are life supporting machines.

It is a feeling and emotions that define our aliveness, complimenting every flaw or short coming resolved  in  a state of  pure joy. Though for the world at large, especially  in the  west, this kind of blessing has become  an  ancient mystery difficult to comprehend.  Happiness is an  inside job, but it works only in practice when shared. A strong and happy individual has the power  to make many others happy by means of display and its contagious energy. This done with no expectation  in return, fuels the  happy  energy even more, the good feel about oneself.

If the Internet were the source of happiness, then how unhappy is the thought  that it never came to connect the whole wide world with each other. The ripple effect of one idea has changed the world. We change with our change  in perspective and when we find  a connection at resonating frequency vibrating  higher  due  to  dynamics,  we  find ourselves in a similar moment of bliss. Happiness  is air to our spirit, the spark of our very existence. Without it you have little zest for life, it is lost for many. Buried under trivial memories, waiting to be pumped up high again into the aura fuelling the energetic circulation of one’s life. Sadly fear fuels fear as well. Therefore many only acquire the wisdom of simplicity that embarks happiness into it’s natural state through proving themselves  all  the wrongs until all the energy has been used up. Only then to revive it again through simple means. Ironically it is the problems they have that keep them going, as if they were sent down to earth to solve mediocre mishaps given to each other.  A  happy person sees the opportunity to learn in every problem and a reason to laugh. What drags down a person is the archive chamber of disappointments and everluring mere sense of hopelessness and trust in our fellowmen. A happy person trusts herself plenty to keep the birds eye perspective and learns to hustle towards a  happy end. Make no mistake it is never the Final end.

The  story so fare luded into vague comparison of computing analysis versus human capacity in the quest of happiness, which brings us to a final question. Are we trying to become robots clutched to our computer analysis game, trying to keep score of how far we advance, thus being safely labeled as upto trend and receive a virtual thumbs up so to be acceptable? Not that this is already a sucker punch to Nature, we stopped using our god gifted communication tools and rather let the digital mini me  do the talking. Though it is some how understandable that one is rather lonley and „detached“, then being misunderstood, hurt or just merely disappointed again and again. Real heroes go out and save the world with a simple act as making someone’s day. A virus implant on your computer system is called a trojan, because it comes like a thief  in the night disguised as a gift. Similarly a whole global community is infected with trojans that indulge us with  a pat on the back as we have earned this whole  inter human mess decorated as gifts of life.

There are no technological absolute measures for happiness,  appreciation and joy and no high score on virtual likes, friends, opinions, pics and what not that can replace what is within the greatest creations of all, the human being. The levels of motivation, courage, love and happiness that rise because of positive interaction with others is a miracle yet to be defined by science. Though before we can connect and embark into this internet of happiness, we must be a functional device, a device made out of love. Simple.

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