Spirituality in Entrepreneur

Let’s say the guy who escaped the job he loathed finds a nice business idea and figures out how to start his business.  So he is an entrepreneur now.  His motivation is to make money (and maybe become famous along the way.)

Of course, making money is essential in entrepreneurship.  If you don’t make enough money, you go out of business, and you are not an entrepreneur any more.  The catch is, when you focus only on making money, on what you can get, you become absent in the core of your business, that is, your products and services.

An entrepreneur has to remove negative and fill with positive taught,
If you have constant remembrance and express thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for everything you received, there is very little room in your heart and mind for self-pity and negative emotions because it is always filled with love and gratitude.

“Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”

 A Jewish Nobel prize winner was asked why Jews are only a fraction of a percent of the global population yet win a large percentage of Nobel prizes. His answer defined a difference in the Jewish religion from others; ‘When we are young, we are taught to ask questions, to debate, so our minds form in an inquisitive way so we are always looking for new answers which lead to new discoveries.’

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