Perception creates your reality

Just recently, I read a wise quote stating that religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell and spirituality is for people who have gone through it. Hell is not necessary a place you end up after you die, it is right here within you. Just as divinity is within you. We have both opposite polars working through us, just like yin and yang.

There are times when you see everything in the dark and pay a lot of attention to all the negativity around you. It is as much a group thing as it is a personal issue due to our connection with self and others.

Our life is a cycle with ever opposing points on each side, but in movement it is perfect. It is a creation still beyond our understanding, but not beyond our inner knowing.

Sometimes people you are good to, do bad to you. Or those in power feed of any required energy, input and output from the masses to meet their own needs. However, they are just people like you and me. All they had is a stronger self-belief and inner strength to reach to the point where they are. Some may have done wrong but others also did good. And by the way nobody gets to the top by doing only bad, it is against the laws of nature. But as humans we tend to magnify our focus on the bad more than good. It is a sort of defense mechanism for our moral compass, which is understandable. Yet most of us turn this compass face down and complain why we are heading into the wrong direction.

We tend to see the wrong side. Lets take conspiracy theories for example.

Conspiracies against humanity by a group of elite „semi-humans“ was big in the minds of people. There was a time when I was a theorist of sorts as well. Actually, I was so deep into it that I had to really slap myself awake, after those dark circles under my eyes turned horrific. The negative energy I was sucking in and eminating, though for a good cause, had been effecting only a bad cause.

If we look at our lives and all the wrongs we had done and still do and comparing it to being in the position of someone in power you judged for all the wrongs, what would you have really done coming from that state? Most would say, of course I would do good. Yes we are all inherently good, but we are also hypocritical because we cannot control our actions sometimes. Which in turn are usually reactions. You need a lot of inner strength to remain calm and souvereign. Also to come from a place of sensibility and best practice.

Most people if given all that power would turn corrupt and highly selfish. You see it everyday on the streets, in homes, with friends, at work. We are many times not really nice to each other. A lot look for the shortcut to success or at least hope and dream of it. Also being highly altruistic and idealistic is not going to do much better for us, as we are not in heaven but here on earth to learn and grow as human beings. Mahatma Gandhi was a great human being, but India is still one of the most corrupted places on earth, as much as it is beautiful. There is no absolute bad, nor an absolute good. There is only the truth as it is now. As long as we move towards embetterment and keep the balance growing on the good side, we are on the right path.

Just as there is no absolute in any one religion over the other, mostly because of your own interpretation, perception and strength of belief. Only the creator has this power of the absolute truth. Any thing else is pure ignorance and hidden strive for power over others. We all need guidance, help, love and respect. We are also creative beings, hence co-creators of what I like to think of as God working through us, enhancing this world.

Without necessity, there is no invention. Without adversity, there is no change. Change is the only constant.

I tend to teach myself everday the lesson to see the bright side in everything. It is tough honestly, the deeper you see things. You wish everyone would start doing that and we would embrace good, rather than judge what is bad, hence fueling it. Even the most positive human being has bad days and becomes critical and negative. This is merely human. However, like anything in life it is all about practice and action to make things work. Working on oneself is the solution. A more positive perspective attracts a positive environment. Your own world becomes better and you can start living by example for others around you and change the movement of a ripple effect towards a better world.

If you take water for example, it has emotions. We humans are made up mostly of water. Take three glasses of water and pour bit of rice in each of them. For one month treat each one differently. Speak to the first glass with the words: I love you and thank you for everything. The second glass: „I hate you, stupid idiot.“ And ignore the thrid glass. From former to latter you will notice the color of the rice after one month, making the one which is loved and appreciated shining white, in the second one the rice dark brown and the ignored one turned the rice black. It is a scientifically proven experiment.

Now imagine you are a politician, trying your best and handling judgment as a daily business. Maybe you do not feel like to do any good any more at times. If we embrace everyone of them for even the little good they do, it may become a natural thing for them to do good. Same goes for any human being on the planet.

Thou shall not judge, because thou will only bring harm to thyself. As also yet again you are fueling your own water with darkness.

Be the light and shine bright on your world, hence your world will shine the sun down always in return.

I am not saying it is easily done, it is a lot of practice and will never end. Just like going to the gym, in ordert o stay fit you have to put in constant effort.

Think less, do more and you will suddenly start to see real results. The universe teaches you in that way. Not by your own analysis, but through your own effort and passion for good work and creation. Positive action comes through having your feet on the ground and mind freed from all negative or positive attachements. This is how it comes to you, as long as you keep the momentum going.

Meditation grows your inner knowing, the god voice becomes louder in your mind. Self growth will lead you to not needing any external explanations or miracle solutions. You are the answer and have the solution within. It is all a matter of perspective.

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