They are the coaches, trainers and teachers in various fields of self development, the creative process and entrepreneurial areas. Offering workshops which encompass the upgrade of individual aptitudes, psyche, body and soul propelled advancement, field mastery, insight and center capability in our arrangement of genuine Victusian values.

Every spirit has its own note to sing in the awesome chorale and no voice is more imperative than another.

Master Victusians undergo a selection process, whereby they submit an application form + 2 minute video presenting themselves in person. In the long run they are sustained by the quality of inspiration, insight, knowledge and exemplary transcending growth they can account for. Further, they are instantly reviewed by Victusian members and directly relatable within the social network.

These trainings include teaching and helping others. Expression and Creativity specially defined for the individual.

Advantages of becoming a Master Victusian

  • More students, explorers, self empowering people as part of the whole, the Victusians
  • A place where you can learn and grow to become even better in your field
  • A real showcase of you and a preliminary comfort with prospective clients
  • giving you even more flexibility in your calendar and above all filling it
A one time admin fee of 25.00 €

Join the masters and become eligble for entering the Victusian inner circle, that is necessary to start your selection process. Once selected a 25.00 € admin fee will be charged only then and not before.

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