Creativity is spiritual expression in the form of art, music and films among others. We believe first the spirit has to be grounded and set on a basic foundation of self love. With that it is essential to complete the ground training first.

These workshops are therefore limited to Victusians only who attain the indigo blue membership by completing the basic task of moving further up from red membership.

Dance – Salsa workshop March 2016, Vienna (Online Video workshop and Live workshop)

Salsa not only fire’s up the spirit but also has some religious values in Hispanic cultural history. It is about a fundamental leadership of the male who traditionally leads the female with just one hand, moving her spiritually speaking into and around his world.

Despite the eroticism it is inclined for, it is based on energy without real emphasis on the physical. It is a dance of community, a dance of bringing together and firing up energies.

Therefore, it remunerates within three words which describes it best: Spirit, Soul and Salsa.

Hip Hop workshop March 2016, Vienna (Online Video workshop and Live workshop)

When the heart beats there is no chorus or melody, it may be in the back of your mind but essentially you are shaking to the beat. Hip Hop is an expression of zest for life and hope. Having been developed in the marginalized areas of New York it became a spiritual art form.

The soul in hip hop has lead many marginalized people out of poverty and gave them hope. It brought fame and a voice to those who were not listened to.

Today it is widely popular and expressed in the most popular dance contests around the world. Hip Hop is complete movement of the body merging with spirit with full expression.

Film-Creating Short films

In the age of YouTube and Alternative media the most popular mode of expression is through Videos and Films. The visuals, story line, flow, screenplay, direction and cast are some of the main aspects when creating a film.

Your ideas may be very good but to transform them into video play is a whole different story. Together with a team of professionals we create Videos, learn the art of speech, body language, photogenic expression, directing, story creation and flow, and many more.

Music (Live workshop)

Music is the sound of life, hymn of the heart, the true voice of the soul. With music we express through tone, poetry, sounds, beats and melody. You may choose between Instruments to learn from beginner to expert level. Guitar, Drums, Piano, Mixer, Bass, Trumpet and Electric Guitar.

The courses range from Rock, Pop and Soul. Novice & Expert groups are formed into bands and their Videos are rated on our site.

Singing (Online Video workshop or Live Workshop)

  1. Beginners class The Voice expresses the desires of the soul with melodies sparked from within your body. Beginners start in an online training and later work one on one and in groups with some of the best vocal trainers in their city.
  2. Stage 2 – Group workshop incl. Karaoke Once the One on One sessions are completed members work through a three day and three hour workshop in groups. At the end of the workshop perform solo and group songs.

Writing – Interactive Poetry & Short story

Creative writing is form of expression that empowers not the just the writer but also the reader. The simplicity and sophistication at the same time is what makes a good piece of writing or even a good book.

Through a guided online seminar and final rating of the short write ups we seek to enrich our readers with words of inspiration.

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