The Victus Network is a re-education and true self-realisation community platform for the awakened. We offer a holistic approach to individual self development and connect you with like minded people in organised events and approved workshops with individual masters. We are an eco system for individuals with a longing to achieve their purpose within the right environment and making friends around the Globe. The Victus network itself serves an educational media outlet while informing you about diverse empowering topics. Our Eco System is for its members and named after them as well – Victusian. We care to be an open community with open mindedness, thus only provide a simple code of conduct to insure the quality of our partner workshops and the self reliant yet sharing attitude of all our community members. All good philosophies are welcome as we are constantly and naturally evolving. IT’S ALL ABOUT CONNECTING PEOPLE WITHIN THE GOOD VIBES. Apply to join the Tribe.

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Victusians are aware of the contemporary and enlist themselves to be an active part of the change. A Victusian actively and constructively works towards positive changes within and without.You are unique, special, inspirational and on the path of your own shining light.

The Legion

The Victusian environment perimeters fields of inner power, thrive, human expressions, sharing, joy, bonding, creating and also entrepreneurial areas. Our legionnaires guide and lead you into a universe of new conceivable outcomes in learning and doing. We are a VICTUS LEGION, and we are here to make sure the network is a familiar place everywhere you go.


The words “Victus” and “Sophy” make up a joined importance as the lifestyle (victus in latin) and insight (sophy in greek), conceiving our center flourish.We are here on this planet to learn and develop, and preeminent we have to comprehend love in its numerous ways and aspects

Master victusians

They are the coaches, trainers and teachers of the Victus instruction and preparing workshops which encompass the upgrade of individual aptitudes, psyche, body and soul propelled advancement.

We are here to thrive individually and together

We at Victus welcome the people who are on a quest to gain more out of life. The comprehend its own nature and hence that of the self.

Our central goal is to be a power of joint effort with oneself as well as other people. We interface individuals in different innovative exercises like moving, contemplation, facilitating and music occasions, trips and numerous more potential outcomes to develop together in body, psyche and soul. Set out on a True Spiritual living, the ultimate self development, thus self realisation with the Victus system. Any event that is created by either a legion host or master victusian is within the perimeter of our code. The goal of any member/ user is to obtain the highest possible credits, which is to keep score for oneself and to gain influence within the system. Which in turn unlocks you to the next level, inviting you to post and promote any dream project as a notable graduate of the advanced training system.

Life is surely not going to be exhausting! This is the thing that we call as an otherworldly adventure. This is called LIFE in non specific terms. Victus gives to everybody a way of adoration, self-control, inspiration and supports a person to carry on with an existence brimming with otherworldly vibrations.It obliges incredible strength to safeguard inward opportunity, to proceed onward in one’s internal adventure into new domains.We practice trust, when we expand our hands and upgrade most profound sense of being inside of oneself and grant the information of truth, immaculateness and peace.

Victus achieve its rationale in various ways which includes:

  • Enticing people to add to their life through the Spiritual Exercises, different retreats, self development and above all to have fun.
  • Find your inner joy as you are naturally inclined to have
  • Mingling with others in good vibrational circumstances
  • Challenging oneself and compete better while attaining freedom.

We have purposefully promoted the magic words LOVE, POWER and CREATION.

The spiritual path – is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don’t know it.

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